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With over 700,000 podcasts available today, it’s difficult for fans of the medium to learn about and support independent podcasts. Audio Loves Company feel strongly about sustaining the egalitarian principles of podcasting and hopes to play a part in growing listenership and revenue opportunities for emerging podcast creators. Podcasting is a space where everyone’s voice matters. Get involved with Audio Loves Comany and use our platform to expose fans to new and diverse podcasts - including yours!

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What's in it for you:

  • Join a vibrant and growing community of podcast obsessives

  • Support mainstream awareness and adoption of podcasting

  • Be paid to perform your live podcast showcase at Audio Loves Company events

  • Grow your subscriber base through exposure at live shows and inclusion in Audio Loves Company podcast episodes

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Audio Loves Company wants to hear from podcasts producers across the entire spectrum of content. If your podcast covers pop culture, TV and movies, self-help, comedy, horror, scripted series, technology, business, culture, true crime, and anything we've left out - we want to hear from you!

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